Thank You – Graduation (throwback)

They say that most people never get a job relevant to their degree after college. Well, now that I’m finally graduate after six long grueling years, I can finally move onto my real passion

Becoming a Taxi Driver.

I learned a lot through the years in college. I learned that coffee is essential to life, there’s never enough time in the day, but when all else fails Google will always there for me.

Six long grueling years.

Feels like an adult day care. Or for me, it was an insane asylum. Better yet, a sick version of prison.

But it kinda is don’t you think?

You’re surrounded by buildings and everyone is gathered within those premises. It cost the government money to keep you in there. And once you’re done listening to your opinionated Warden professor talking about the flawed political system in America,  then you go back to your cell dorm with a cellmate majoring in political science talking about the amazing political system in America.

Now, cf course, I gotta thank my mom first and foremost.

She literally told me to go to college since I was a baby. Since before I was born! She would be like, “Oui, bak Jonasathhan, you go college okay?” *tap belly as if ensuring I’m listening*.

I also want to thank my step-dad.

Especially for all the encouraging phone calls we would have together. I don’t know why but we would usually end up talking about sports and I don’t care too much about sports at all.

My stepdad was like the sportscaster on a hotel T.V. I just happened to turn it on for background noise while I change my clothes.

But the best part was when I would get off the phone with him I would have more knowledge about sports than I intended. And it was a good way to spark up a conversation with my friends! I would go up to someone who knew a lot of sports and I would speak their lingo, and be relatively respected by it! It was a win-win.

Lastly, my younger brothers need a big thanks.

It’s not always I feel lonely, but there are plenty of times that I do and I’d give them a call, see how they’re doing. You know, do what older brothers should do to their younger brothers, annoy them with unnecessary phone calls.

Being an older sibling is hard though.

You’re stuck with a responsibility that you never really asked for. All I’m going to say is, if you’re acting younger than one of your younger brothers, something about that picture is a bit off. Of course, we’re all different people, nonetheless, older siblings have an unspoken responsibility to their families.

That’s why they hold the most secrets and keep to themselves the most.

That’s right older siblings, I know your secrets. You might think you have everyone fooled by having it all together, but inside, you’re screaming to do things and you do things and make mistakes, but you’re good at hiding everything!

I’d like to end by saying this:

No matter what you end up doing in college, no matter what you decide to choose to do, in the end, we all learn from our mistakes, but the people who care about you most and you care about most…they’re the ones that will get you through.


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