Ep. 22: Awkward Stories, Why Awkwardness is Cool, and a Great Book

Oh, the wonderful joys of awkwardness.

The #1 reason why I even started a podcast, a blog, and an Instagram, was because of the pains of awkward moments in our lives are both a dread and a joy (in my opinion).

awkIt’s a dread for obvious reasons. Who on Earth would want to go through an awkward moment in life? Who on Earth would want to go through the uncomfortable situation that causes you to sweat down your forehead, stutter on your words, and come to the point of nearly pissing your pants because of that strange situation you landed yourself in?

No one.

I would also argue, awkwardness is also a joy because of what you learn from it. I find that awkward situations that I end up in are similar to that of a punishment for not looking at the right social cues around me. Somehow I didn’t own up to my mistake, read the room, or acknowledge someone appropriately. Awkward moments are just the natural slap in the face.

Monday’s podcast talked about a few awkward stories from people online. Not all of them were of course “stories” but still showed moments of vulnerability and imperfection.

Slick Nick

“I lost my dick tripping balls and had to explain it to my gf cause she was helping me look 🤣

While obviously playing around with my ad, he did go on to say his experiences andawk3 history of what he does. He takes awkwardness and makes it his own. He takes situations in his life and creates online memes out of them as to show the world his personality and humor. Essentially, he takes the approach of,

“let’s take moments in life, strange, weird, awkward, and create something”.

Sara Jean Miser

I hooked up two of my best friends up and she wanted me to go with her because she was nervous so I went we had a couple drinks at his house he told her to go upstairs with him an hour later she told me she lost her virginity…while I was down stairs…

tenorThis was a legitimate story about Sara. Hats off to you Sara for hooking up your best friends! Even though it ended awkwardly with someone losing their virginity as you were minding your own business downstairs, hahaha. I guess you can see it coming in a way.

Moral of the story, leave the building when freakiness is in progress…?


Awkward??? Well, am……,I’m sht fac d right now at hubby’s work party. Can’t think.

Thanks Sarah. This will do. 


Oh, speaking of awkwardness. Here’s a great book to start reading:


CAPTIVATE by Vanessa Van Edwards.

Captivate, captivates the essence of human connection with body language and social cues in our day to day interaction. Think of it like your playbook on how to ensure a great conversation and begin a relationship.

I’ve read this book a while ago and it inspired me to take my own story and put it online. This book is just another way to take a step in the right direction and own your awkward, introverted, social anxiety filled self.

Shout out to:

Slick Nickhttps://www.facebook.com/nicksmerkz4200

Sara Jean Miserhttps://www.facebook.com/sara.maloney.52

and Sarah (she was drunk so I can’t really say I had permission to share)!

All of them for their contributions to my first ever awkward stories podcast segment.

Available to listen on:

Google Play: https://goo.gl/c7JWsV
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