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Why Am I Awkward?

"Gosh...why did I say that?" It's the question that kept haunting me time and time again from my high school years all the way up until my Junior year of college as sweat beads began to awkwardly form on my forehead.


Stop Acting [or looking like you act] Better Than Others, Cause Quite Frankly, You’re Not

In the end, it comes down to the people, good, bad, tall or small, the components of a company are made up of brains, body, mind, and soul which should always be the heart of a company. 


Power Pause

It’s difficult for us shorter people to gain the respect needed by others. Our stature gives us the inability to truly command an audience the way we’d hope to do. But what if I told you that there was a way to command the attention of the audience? Throughout history there have been many people… Continue reading Power Pause


Dealing With Large Social Gatherings

Large social gatherings, a shy, awkward, introvert’s nightmare. Based on the YouTube video by InsideOut Illustrations "An Introvert's Guide to Large Social Gatherings" We all know it, we’ve all been there. We’ve probably made excuses NOT to show up. We’ve probably motivated ourselves somehow to show up with some kind of car ride pep talk.… Continue reading Dealing With Large Social Gatherings


The Art of Small Talk and How to Avoid It

Based off the YouTube video from InsideOut Illustrations - "The Art of Small Talk and How to Avoid It". As an introvert there is one thing I absolutely hate, small talk. BUT, I realized that I can’t avoid it if I really want to reach outside my comfort zone as a shy person. To be honest,… Continue reading The Art of Small Talk and How to Avoid It