What Are You? A Dog?

You've ever had that friend that simply cannot stay out of your business for just a few things in your life? They absolutely HAVE to know everything about you, how your day is going, and what you had for breakfast that morning? ANNOYING to say the least.  I've known a few people who are like that and for the life of them they can't seem to just let things go if they know it's just not their business. If they aren't part of the conversation, then they just freak out and it thus hinders your relationship with them. 


Friendships, We ALL Need Them

I know right away the difficulties of making friends. Trust me, I lost a ton recently due to moving away. Starting from square one isn't easy - especially from all that time you've invested in other people in the past, that is, if you invested time in other people. So then, where and how do… Continue reading Friendships, We ALL Need Them