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“The Mask of Masculinity” – Lewis Howes

I've been enlightened. Lewis Howes has rocked my world in introducing such an amazing book on the topic of what it means to be a man in a world where men are seen in a certain light, regarded in certain ways dependant on their culture or upbringing. There are only a few books that I've… Continue reading “The Mask of Masculinity” – Lewis Howes


How to Be a Single Male in Your Twenties

PRE-WARNING: This post was initially geared towards single men in their twenties, hence the title - however, some things have been added to accommodate the ladies as well. Based off the YouTube video “How To Be a Single Male in Your Twenties” by InsideOut Illustrations I’m going to tell you right off from the start,… Continue reading How to Be a Single Male in Your Twenties