4 Tips on How to End a Conversation

4 Tips on How to End a Conversation

If I told you that I was a huge introvert all my life - you can probably guess that wasn’t the best at conversations...still not, but getting better.

I tend to overthink conversations to the point where I make things worse for myself.

Though conversations, in general, could be difficult, the worst is how to end one. So here’s an outline of four practical points to consider when trying to end a conversation. But you should always remember to practice it, of course, it’s not going to come naturally at first.

Not WHAT You Know

No matter how much you know in life, it will never come close to the importance of PEOPLE. I've written a similar topic about this before on the importance of being able to learn to deal with people in the workplace environment. This particular case focuses more on the KNOWING of people rather than learning to [...]