Your “Job”, “Career” or “Calling”? Changing Your 2019 Focus.

Your “Job”, “Career” or “Calling”? Changing Your 2019 Focus.

2018 was ridiculous. I started the year thinking I was going to kill it. Whatever "it" referred to. I spent months trying to figure out what kind of new goals and resolutions I'd like to have in my life. As March rolled around, I felt hopeless. Still, nothing. No defined action I wanted to pursue, no purpose I tried to revolve my life around, no reason behind the rhyme as they say. The year prior I revolved my life around the word "courage." Defining this word for 2017 changed my entire life in 2017 in many ways, but 2018, still nothing. And then next thing you know, oh great, it's December.

An Introverted Introspection

Being a bonafide introvert myself, I know that us introverts have somewhat of a unique perspective in our day to day actions.

About 50% of Americans are introverts believe it or not and you can bet that most, if not all, need their recharge time after "people" engagement.

I've met many introverts ranging from the ones you thought all along were extroverts and ones who just hate being around people altogether and never in their lives would be caught dead at a party over 2 people.