An Introverted Introspection

Being a bonafide introvert myself, I know that us introverts have somewhat of a unique perspective in our day to day actions. About 50% of Americans are introverts believe it or not and you can bet that most, if not all, need their recharge time after "people" engagement. I've met many introverts ranging from the ones you thought all along were extroverts and ones who just hate being around people altogether and never in their lives would be caught dead at a party over 2 people.


The REAL [Better] New Years Resolution

It's 2018, a new year. Great...so what? Resolutions? To be honest I've never cared much about making resolutions. I really didn't know what the fuss was all about trying to set goals for oneself when you could have began right away what you always wanted to do whether it be to lose weight, get a… Continue reading The REAL [Better] New Years Resolution


The Art of Small Talk and How to Avoid It

Based off the YouTube video from InsideOut Illustrations - "The Art of Small Talk and How to Avoid It". As an introvert there is one thing I absolutely hate, small talk. BUT, I realized that I can’t avoid it if I really want to reach outside my comfort zone as a shy person. To be honest,… Continue reading The Art of Small Talk and How to Avoid It