Once at the Club

Everyone loves a nice dance right? Whether it be tango, jazz, hip-hop, or the what the kids call, "stanky leg".  I can't believe that somehow someone made that name up for that dance move. You stick your leg out and shake it as if it stinks? And by moving in this motion, you're trying to air out your leg?

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Let’s Talk About Sex and My Mistakes With It (warning: reader discretion is advised)

Sex. Just about every man wants it. Some will go to great lengths to get it and some could just snap a finger and have it at their disposal. It's abused in so many ways and seen differently by so many people in so many different ways. In Lewis' book, he specifically discusses how sex is used as a tool to make a "man" out of males by being the dominant sex king. Sex has been a part of my life for almost as long as I could remember. The first time I ever felt a sexual sensation was at my second cousin's house while I roamed her closet getting caught up in a pretty shiny dress. I don't know why, but the dress turned me on. I know, weird right?